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TIA/EIA T568A versus T568B

TIA/EIA 568-A (T568A) Standard was established in 1985 at the request of the Computer Communications Industry Association to create a standard for telecommunication cabling by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA). Further revisions were made due to major developments in networking technology and faster high-speed Ethernet cables giving us the current TIA/EIA 568-B Standard.

Standard LAN (Local Area Network) cables such as 4 pair CAT 5E are terminated using RJ45 plug, the pins on these connectors are numbered 1 to 8. Each pair has a specific colour code and is placed into a specific location as detailed below.


In this image the view is looking at the connector terminal face with contacts and the latch uppermost. When cable and connector are being mated it is easy to get the connector upside down and effectively reverse the correct pin location. Similarly some images show pin outs from the rear of the connector which can easily be confused as forward images resulting again in reverse pin outs. When using an image for reference take time to understand the orientation of the view to ensure correct termination.

If you are making a patch cable, you will construct the cable using identical pin assignments on each end. Although it does not matter which standard you use for this, the 568-B standard is usually used in the United States.


TIA/EIA 568-A (T568A)

Pin 1 - White / Green stripe

Pin 2 - Green

Pin 3 - White / Orange stripe

Pin 4 - Blue

Pin 5 - White / Blue stripe

Pin 6 - Orange 

Pin 7 - White / Brown stripe

Pin 8 - Brown


TIA/EIA 568-B (T568B)

Pin 1 - White / Orange stripe

Pin 2 - Orange

Pin 3 - White / Green stripe

Pin 4 - Blue

Pin 5 - White / Blue stripe

Pin 6 - Green 

Pin 7 - White / Brown stripe

Pin 8 - Brown


Crossover termination example

If you are making a crossover cable, you will construct the cable using the 568-A standard on one end, and the 568-B standard on the other.

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