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Benefits of VFD EMC LSZH from Belcom

Higher Current Capacity

VFD EMC LSZH cable from Belcom with its high current load insulation allows, at the larger conductor sizes, derating opportunities to step down conductor sizes from comparable 2YSLCY normally insulated versions*.

For stakeholders this creates significant cost savings, both in cable, cable handling and dressing ancillaries.


Smaller Conductor Sizes

It is common to see VFD cables overcoming the lower temperature performance levels of other insulation materials by raising the conductor size to maintain a safe operating temperature. By using the higher performance Belcom VFD EMC LSZH cables it is possible to reduce conductor size. This coupled with the optimized cable construction keeping overall diameter to a minimum allows for savings both in cost and space

These cables are available from Belcom stock with an enhanced Flame Retardant Low Smoke Zero Halogen sheath complying with CPR EN50575 Dca (s1a,d2,a1), cut to length and delivered Next Working Day.

Size [mm2] VFD EMC LSZH* [Amps In air] 2YSLCY [Amps in Air] VFD EMC LSZH Bend Radius [mm] 2YSLCY** Bend Radius [mm]
70 246 207 325 390
95 298 250 380 445
120 346 292 410 470
150 399 335 480 535
185 456 385 510 595
240 538 453 620 700

*Calculations should always be checked by a qualified electrician.

**information based on typical industry specifications openly available.

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