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Useful Conversion Factors

To Convert Multiply By
Inches to Millimeters 25.4
Inches to Centimetres 2.54
Centimetres to Inches 0.3937
Feet to Metres 0.3048
Metres to Feet 3.2808
Yards to Metres 0.9
Miles to Kilometres (km) 1.6
Sq inch to Sq centimetre 6.5
Sq feet to Sq metre 0.09
Sq yard to Sq metre 0.8
Pounds to Kilograms 0.4536
Kilograms to Pounds 2.205
Degrees F to Degrees C Subtract 32 & Multiply by 5/9
Degrees C to Degrees F Multiply by 9/5 & Add 32

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