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Flame Test Classification

Classification Test Procedure Standard Criteria
FT1 As Clause 4.11.1, Vertical Test Burning shall cease within 60 secs, and not more than 25% of extended portion of the indicator shall be burned.
FT2 As Clause 4.11.2, Horizontal Test The charred portion of the specimen shall not exceed 100mm measured from end to end.
FT3 As Clause 4.11.3, Burning Particles (dropping) Test Burning particles from the specimen shall not cause the newsprint to ignite (flame).
FT4 As Clause 4.11.4, Vertical Flame Test – Cables in a tray The length of the char shall not exceed 1.5m.
FT6 Horizontal Flame and smoke test in accordance with NFPA Standard 262 – 1985 The maximum flame spread shall be 1.50m. The smoke density shall be (i) 0.5 at peak optical density, and (ii) 0.15 at maximum average optical density.



UL Single cable flame tests
UL Large scale flame tests
IEC Single and large scale flame tests
IEC Determination of halogen acid gas and acidity of gases
IEC Measurement of smoke density under defined conditions








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