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Onshore, Offshore, Local & Global

Belcom has developed Quality Cable Brands reflecting it's specialisation in digital cables across several diverse communication infrastructures supporting the following market sectors.

Our designs are specified and trusted. Our cable can be found supporting projects locally and globally, quietly and efficiently allowing our modern world industrial and commercial infrastructures to continue working without interruption.

Industrial networks

Belcom holds one of Great Britain’s largest and comprehensive stock levels of high quality, approved industrial network and automation cables for use in a broad range of industrial environments. These have been developed to high technical standards and are subject to continual “in production” and final testing. With the adoption of smart, IP addressable devices within industrial processes it is vital to ensure that the interconnecting cables are the securist link. Belcom’s FieldLink FieldBus cables; SureLan® network cables, SureLight® Fibre Optic cables coupled with the DataGuard® armoured options guarantee the security of your network.

Network & Data

The world’s ready access to web based communication, information and control systems is underpinned by the millions of LANs in public, private, commercial and industrial premises with differing operating environments. Belcom’s SureLAN range of local area network cables and ElectroCables UL & CSA approved multipair multicore data cables have been developed with sheath options including FireFighter™ low smoke zero halogen , DUCT grade HDPE sheathed and optional DataGuard® armoured versions to allow the best fit to the installation environment for continued high performance.

Marine, Oil and Gas

Designed and manufactured with Quality, Safety, Security and Reliability at their core Belcom’s data, energy and control cables operate under adverse conditions giving protection to workers, infrastructure and the environment. As an extension to FireFighter® the FFxT data cabling range offers strength & flexibility where SureLight Fibre Optic cables enable uninterruptible safe communications over long distances, coupling those with DataGuard® protection ensures that whatever the requirements the solution is always on hand.

Entertainment & Broadcast

EventSeries® cables for use in the Entertainment Industry provides a flexible solution for all sound and lighting applications whether it be a theatre , live event, studio or conference. For temporary venues, EventSeries cables are manufactured in soft and pliable form to allow easy payout, routing and retrieval whereas for permanent installation EventSeries cables are constructed to the FireFighter® Low Smoke Zero Halogen standard for use in public arenas.

Retail and Leisure

There is a compelling, collective and legislative imperative to ensure that all public access buildings, including retail outlet centres and sporting/entertainment arenas are constructed in an environmentally friendly and operationally safe way. Belcom’s FireFighter® range of cables encompass building management systems from public address, lighting control, HVAC control to security and as the name implies FireFighter® cables are constructed to ensure that they emit no toxic gasses or smoke in the event of a fire to improve escape and fire fighting conditions.

Commercial Building

Belcom supply quality industrial grade performance cables for building infrastructure covering environmental control (HVAC), lighting control, security, public address and communication networks.

As with all public access buildings we utilise FireFighter® Low Smoke Zero Halogen (LSZH) technology with inbuilt safety and security at it’s core. For further safety and security DataGuard® armoured versions are recommended for outdoor, direct burial installation and where ever tamper prevention is a requirement.


Belcom’s range of security cables cover all aspects of the industry from fibre and coax cables adapted to specific systems to standard multi core alarm sensor cables to critical warning systems. This includes producing hybrid versions to customers specification.

For further safety and security DataGuard armoured versions are recommended for outdoor, direct burial installation and where ever tamper prevention is a requirement.

Transport Infrastructure

As with all public building the airport terminals, ferry terminals, railway stations etc. fall within the remit of public safety where FireFighter® LSZH Cables are at their best.

Belcom have developed and supplied cables for:

– Roadside and overhead digital signage

– Digital tunnel lighting control

– Underground

– Passenger bridge cable

– Filling station cables

– Airfield lighting

– Trackside screening cable.

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