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SeaTex15 Marine Grade 50 Ohm flexible coaxial cable

SeaTex15 Marine Grade 50 Ohm flexible coaxial cable


Flexible low loss and halogen-free communications coaxial cable with excellent attenuation values, perfectly designed to use for marine and offshore applications. Suitable for use on ships, oil platforms, wind turbines and all maritime environments. The the cable is highly resistant to heat, cold, oils, salt-water and UV radiation.

Cable Construction

 Inner conductor  Stranded copper wire (7 x 1,5 mm) Ø 4,5 mm
 Dielectric  foamed Polyethylene (PE) with skin Ø 11,3 mm
 Outer conductor 1  copper foil overlapped, 100% coverage 
 Outer conductor 2  Shield braiding of bare copper wires, 75% coverage Ø 12,1 mm
 Outer Jacket  Special thermoplastic copolymer SHF2 Ø 14,6 ± 0,3 mm 

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