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(N)HXCH FE 180 E30 0,6/1kV

(N)HXCH FE 180 E30 0,6/1kV

Halogen free power cables with concentric copper outer conductor with improved fire properties for internal, in air direct fix or cable tray or in concrete installations. Not suitable for direct burial or flooded duct work. Sealed water tight duct installations acceptable. Cable circuit integrity withstand of 180mins and functional integrity of terminated cable as part of a system 30mins.

Cable Construction

Conductor Bare copper, solid or stranded
Insulation Cross-linked halogen free ceramic forming 2 layer insulation HXI 2, core colours acc. to HD308
Inner covering Soft easystrip inner jacket
Concentric conductor Bare copper wires with counter helix copper tape
Tape PP-tape
Outer Jacket Halogen free polymer compound, Orange

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