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Multimedia Hybrid Control Cable for Lutron and Cresnet applications

Multimedia Hybrid Control Cable for Lutron and Cresnet applications

Hybrid multimedia control cable “5000182434” for use with Lutron *GRAFIK EYE™ 3000, 4000, 5000, 6000 systems and Crestron touchpanels, keypads, expansion modules and tuners with the added benefit of using LSZH FireFighter® sheath. The data cable is compliant with DMX512 digital & analogue as well as RS-422, RS-485 applications. For longer wiring distances (maximum 600m without repeater) use 500012221834 which incorporates a 12awg for power conductors , 22awg 110 ohm signal (DMX , data , digital & analogue audio) and one 18awg sense wire which connects to terminal 5 of the circuit selectors in *GRAFIK EYE™ dimming or switching panels and allows the system to be set up for emergency lighting applications. *GRAFIK EYE™   is a trade mark of Lutron Electronics Inc.  


EventSeries® Part# Formation Lutron Part# Crestron Part#
5000182434 1x2x18/19awg Power + 1x2x22/7awg Data GRX-CBL-346S CRESNET-NP
25000182434-01 1x2x18/19awg Power + 1x2x22/7awg Data Duct Grade - -
145000182434-01 1x2x18/19awg Power + 1x2x22/7awg Data DataGuard® Armoured (SWA) - -
500012221834 1x2x12/19awg Power + 1x2x22/7awg Data + 18/19awg sense GRX-CBL-46L -
2500012221834-01 1x2x12/19awg Power + 1x2x22/7awg Data + 18/19awg sense Duct Grade - -
14500012221834-01 1x2x12/19awg Power + 1x2x22/7awg Data + 18/19awg sense DataGuard® Armoured (SWA) - -
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