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Quad / MultiQuad Audio Cables LSZHPUR

Quad / MultiQuad Audio Cables LSZHPUR

Event™ 220Series is a Pre-Jacketed starquad audio multicore with individually foil shielded quads and overall foil shield. It is designed for the installation market but is still very soft and pliable. The Individual quad jacket and outer jacket is made of a special Low Smoke Zero Halogen material. The outer sheath is made of a special LSZH PUR. The single quad has the special PUR sheath.

Cable Construction

Pair Construction
Conductor: Oxygen free tinned copper, 7x0.20mm (0.22mm2)
Insulation: Low loss Polyolefin Alloy. BE/GN/RD/WE cores
No. of Quads: See datasheet
Drain wire Oxygen free Stranded tinned copper (26awg)
Screen: Bonded aluminium/polyester tape (Alu. inside)
Pair Jacket: LSZH FireFighter™PUR Compound, British Racing Green
Overall Cable Construction
Central element: Above quad construction with multiple quad counts
Tape: Overall wrapping tape
Drain wire: Oxygen free Stranded tinned copper (26awg)
Screen: Overall aluminium/polyester tape (Alu. inside)
Outer Jacket: LSZH FireFighter™ PUR Compound, British Racing Green
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