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Draka SF/UTP RS485 Signalcable with circuit integrity behavior

Draka SF/UTP RS485 Signalcable with circuit integrity behavior

Campus wiring, Riser applications, Horizontal backbone wiring, Building control systems, Intelligent fire alarm systems. Circuit integrity structured wiring alarm cable. RS485 (10Mbits)

Cable Construction

 Conductor   bare copper wire, Ø 0.8 mm (AWG 20) 0.5mm2 
 Insulation   PE/Silicone Rubber1, Ø PE 1.2mm and Silicone Rubber 1.9 mm 
 Twisting   2 cores to the pair 
 Cable lay up   1 pair to the core 
 Fire protection   glass tape (if required) 
 Screen   Aluminium tape + tinned copper braid 
 Sheath  halogen free, flame retardant thermoplastic sheathing compound acc. to EN 50290-2-27, 

 Flame Resistance 

 Low Smoke:   EN IEC 61034-2, 
 Halogen Free:   EN IEC 60754-1&2 
 Flame Retardant:   IEC 60332-1, IEC 60332-3-24, BS4066 part 3, UL 1581 VW 1: EC B2 
 Circuit Integrity:   IEC60331 BS EN 50200 (IEC60331) >3 hours

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