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RG59B/U Type 80% Braid PVC
RG59B/U 86% Braid PVC
RG59B/U MIL-C-17F (17G) 95% Braid PVC
RG59B/U MIL-C-17F (17G) 95% Braid LSZH FireFighter®
RG59B/U Type Duct Grade 80% Braid PE
RG59B/U Duct Grade 86% Braid PE
RG59B/U MINI 70% Braid LSZH FireFighter®
RG59 + 2core 0,75mm2 85% Braid LSZH FireFighter®
RG59 Dual Shield + 2 core Type 48% Braid & Foil PVC
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