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DataGuard Wrap -100% recyclable Plastic wrap for all round protection

DataGuard® wrap is an innovative product designed to guarantee a total and high quality protection for all cables sold on drums and reels…..more



Construction Products Regulation (CPR)

The European Union, with the aim of improving the safety of buildings, has created a construction products classification system in agreement with their fire behaviour, which is common for the whole of Europe within the Construction Products Regulation (CPR)……more


Coax Cable Basics

Coaxial cables, or coax consists of a centre conductor surrounded by an outer conductor typically one to four layers of woven metallic braid and metallic tape separated by an insulating layer (dielectric)…… more

 Coax Cable Basics

Loose Tube versus Tight-Buffered Fibre Optic Cable

Loose tube cables are manufactured using dual layer 250μm fibres often surrounded by a thixotropic gel contained within a single tube or in multiple tubes around a central strength member…… more



LAN Cable – TIA/EIA T568A Versus T568B

TIA/EIA 568-A (T568A) Standard was established in 1985 at the request of the Computer Communications Industry Association to create a standard for telecommunication cabling by the Electronic Industries Alliance (EIA)……. more



Starquad Wiring – for Balanced XLR to XLR Connectors

To properly wire a balanced to balanced cable using 4-conductor Starquad and maximise noise rejection opposing conductors are terminated together into an XLR-3 connector or terminal block…… more



LAN Cable – Shield Structure…… more



KNX Cable 2 pair versus Quad

The 2 pair (2x2x0.8) is laid up as a quad, (4 cores twisted together). KNX certified cable follows the “Certified Scheme of Products” initiated by KNX to ensure product suitability…… more



Top performance cables from carefully selected manufacturers

DataGuard EventSeries SureLAN SureLIGHT FireFighter Armada