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DataGuard – Armoured Cables

The residential and the industrial environment couldn’t differ more — harsh, abrasive and extreme environments especially when you consider the level of stress they place on Ethernet cabling systems or how environmental conditions can adversely affect data cabling.

An office-grade environment offers switches, hubs and cabling systems a relatively safe harbor, but the industrial world presents a far more harsh and hazardous environment. Bringing commercial off-the-shelf (COTS) cabling products and switches into the industrial landscape carries high risks for industrial and mission-critical applications.

If a commercial Ethernet switch or cabling system fails in an industrial environment, the real cost to the manufacturer is typically much more than just the replacement cost of the components. In fact, the cost of the parts themselves are typically only a fraction of the cost involved.

 Steel Wire Armour (SWA)

Steel wire armoured cable, commonly abbreviated as SWA, is a hard-wearing data cable designed for a high performance network. Protected by a layer of steel in the form of galvanised wire applied round the cable with an enhanced performance outer sheath for further protection. Steel wire armour provides mechanical protection, which means the cable can withstand higher stresses, be buried directly and used in external or underground projects. The armouring is normally connected to earth and can sometimes be used as the circuit protective conductor (“earth wire”) for the equipment supplied by cable.

Galvanized Steel Wire Braid (GSWB)

For flexible and high vibration installations galvanised steel wire braid armour is used to give data protection

 Galvanized Steel Wire Braid

Phosphor Bronze Wire Braid (PBWB)

Phosphor Bronze Wire Braid

 Corrugated Steel Tape Armour  (CSTA)

Corrugated Steel Tape Armour

 Double Steel Tape Armoured (DSTA)

Double Steel Tape Armour

Steel Interlock Armour (SIA) and Aluminium Interlock Armour (AIA)

Steel Interlock and Aluminium Interlock Armour


Top performance cables from carefully selected manufacturers

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