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Armada® QFCI Fibre Optic Cable DNV-GL Certified No: TAE00000JG


A Fire Resistant Fibre Optic Cable suitable for Indoor & outdoor applications. Manufactured according to NEK TS 606:2016, this Armada® QFCI is DNVGL approved making it suitable for Maritime Environments & Offshore Applications. The cable exceeds the requirements of IEC60331-25 with extended testing in excess of 180mins. 

General Construction

The cable contains upto 96 colour coded optical fibres contained in upto 8 colour coded loose tubes, each tube contains no more than 24 fibres. These tubes are filled with a thixotropic gel to prevent the ingress of water and a fire resistant tape is added over each tube for heat and fire protection. These tubes are SZ stranded with the necessary amount of fillers around a metallic central strength member. Fibreglass strength member yarns reinforce the cable core beneath an inner jacket of SHF-1. A layer of galvanized steel wires braid is stranded around the inner jacket and an outer jacket of SHF-1 completes the cable structure. 

Cable Design
Central Strength Member: Steel
Buffer Material: PBT (Ø 2,5mm nom.)
Fibres colours: according to EIA/TIA 598.
Total Number of Tubes: 8
Tubes colour code: 1 - Red, 2 - Green, Others White
Fire Barrier Fire resistant tape wrapped around each tube
Cabling: SZ
Strength Elements: E-Glass Yarns
Inner Jacket Material: LSZH SHF-1 (black)
Overall Braid Material: Steel wire (95 % nom. coverage)
Rip-Cord: Yes
Outer Jacket Material: LSZH SHF-1 (black)
Overall Diameter : Ø 14,60 ± 1,0 mm
Weight : 305 kg/km
Applicable Standards IEC60793-2-10, IEC60793-2-50, IEC 60092-360, ISO/IEC 11801, TIA/EIA-568
Flammability Rating IEC 60331-25, IEC 60332-3-22, IEC 60332-3-24, IEC 60754-1, IEC 60754-2, IEC61034-1/2
Installation Guidelines as per IEC 60794-1-1 Annex A
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