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PROFIBUS DP Armoured (SWA) Lead Covered FR-PVC

Cable Design
Conductor Solid bare copper wire (22awg) Ø 0,65 mm
Insulation Foamed Polyethylene (PE) with skin Ø 2,55 mm
Pair 2 wires twisted to a pair (RD-GN)
Tape Plastic tape overlapped
Easystrip Jacket Soft Polyvinylchloride (PVC) Ø 5,40 mm
Screen Alulaminate foil overlapped
Braid Tinned copper wire braid, 55% coverage Ø 6,20 mm
Inner Jacket Flame Retardant PVC compound, Violet Ø 8,0 ± 0,40 mm
Lead Jacket Lead compound. 2,40mm thickness Ø 12,80 ± 0,40 mm
Intermediate Jacket Flame Retardant PVC compound, Violet Ø 14,80 ± 0,40 mm
Armour DataGuard® Steel Wire Armour (DSWA) Ø 18,00 ± 0,40 mm
Outer Jacket Flame Retardant PVC compound, Violet Ø 21,00 ± 0,40 mm

• Indoor/Outdoor applications

• Hydrocarbon Resistant

• Mechanical protection

• Rodent Protection

• Direct Burial

• UV-Stable and colourfast

• Flame retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1

Part Number Type
DGP11856-09 PROFIBUS DP ES, cable for permanent installation (easy to strip), 2x22AWG1, FR PVC/LEAD/FR-PVC/SWA/FR-PVC
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