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EventSeries® Quad / MultiQuad Audio Installation Cable


The 220Series Installation starquad cable is ideal for fixed wiring for professional audio applications. Four conductors are protected from electomagnetic interference with an aluminium polyester foil shield giving 100% shielding, earthed with a tinned copper drain wire for faster termination.The overall sheath is a Low Smoke Zero Halogen material. The finished product is ideal for use in public buildings where LSZH cables are specified.

Cable Design
Sub Cable
Conductor Stranded Tinned Copper (7 x 0,20mm) 0,22mm2
Insulation Polyethylene (PE) Ø 1,30 ± 0,05 mm [0,35mm RT]
Core stranding Cores twisted to Quad formation
Core Identification Blue/White/Blue/White
Tape PET tape wrapped
Screen Aluminium/polyester tape (Aluminium Inside) + 7/0,15mm tinned copper drain wire
Sheath LSZH FireFighter® Black [0,6mm RT] Ø 4,70 ± 0,15 mm
MultiQuad Construction
Assembly Multiple Sub Cables numbered for identification and layed up with fillers where necessary.
Tape Non-woven tape wrapped
Outer Jacket LSZH FireFighter® Black

• Flame Retardant acc. to IEC 60332-1 

• Halogen Free acc, to IEC 60754

• Smoke Density acc. to IEC 61034

Quad Connections:

Quad connections are terminated using two diagonally opposite conductors , each pair forms one transmission path. For more information please visit Starquad Wiring.

Part Number No. of Quads [N x 4 x mm²] Sub Cable Sheath Thickness Nom. (mm) Outer Jacket Thickness Nom. (mm) Overall Diameter ±10% (mm) Cable Weight Nom. (kg/km)
220-4601-01 1 x 4 x 0,22 0,6 - 4,70 40
220-4604 4 x 4 x 0,22 0,6 1,30 14,0 230
220-4608 8 x 4 x 0,22 0,6 1,40 19,1 420
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