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FireFighter™ Fire Performance Cables

FireFighter cables are produced to exacting IEC standards for fire performance covering 60332-1 flame resistance for single cables and section 3 for bunched cables as well as low smoke generation (61034) and negligible halogen gas emission (60754-1).

They are available in 600V tray cable versions and also in Offshore styles (60092).

  • IEC60332-1 flame resistant for single cables
  • IEC60332-3 flame resistant for bunched cables
  • IEC61034 low smoke generation
  • IEC60754-1 negligible halogen gas generation
  • 600 volt rated tray cable applications
  • IEC60092 for Offshore Applications

Top performance cables from carefully selected manufacturers

DataGuard EventSeries SureLAN SureLIGHT FireFighter Armada