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Servo – VFD-Feedback and Encoder

Vast improvement in modern motor design have allowed the decentralisation of Drive systems in all areas of production processes. This allows smaller motors at each stage of the process, each interlinked through the process Fieldbus network.

The ability to control these motors precisely to work in conjunction with each other is facilitated through high performance servo motor cables with power supply for drives and additional signal transmission through additional twisted pair elements for brakes or thermal sensors. Encoder cables allowing precision control speed and some cases motor temperature diagnostics. Feedback cables to transmit signals between servo motor sensors and the control systems within a factory providing information on the speed of a machine. 

Variable Frequency Drive Cables (VFD) cables are designed to connect motors to control drives where there is a requirement for electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) , they need to handle the harsh electrical environment which standard cables cannot . VFD Systems characteristically create a significant amount of electrical noise in the form of voltage spikes, reflected waves , charging currents, common-mode voltage and RFI/EMI interference. This leads to voltages which are two to three times the source voltage. Where VFD cables are not used this could result in insulation breakdown and cable failure. Non-VFD cable also allows common-mode (or stray) voltage to find its way through the VFD motor and equipment grounds, which causes motor and equipment failure. VFD cable significantly reduces the risk associated with these issues.

These cables are installed in the most demanding industrial environments , including chain , high flex and trailing applications ensuring long service as well as marine and offshore. They are UL/CSA approved , where necessary DNV approved or manufactured to DESINA® standards.

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