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Marine, Oil & Gas Cables

Belcom’s FireFighter™ & DataGuard™ cables are designed and manufactured with Quality, Safety, Security and Reliability at their core which are the four biggest “must haves” when specifying cables for topside and subsea offshore projects as well as onshore OPG facilities. Belcom’s data, energy and control cables which can operate under aggressive conditions including adverse temperatures and circumstances, give protection to workers, infrastructure and the environment. They offer reliable communications often over long distances to assure a safe and efficient operation as  an integral part of the newer, digital, self diagnostic systems being introduced to offshore and onshore OPG installations, all under the assurance of Marine approval boards including DNV, GL & ABS. Non marine approved products requiring metal protection and high grade Zero Halogen materials ensure  the strictest fire ratings are met. Belcom’s FireFighter™ & DataGuard™ cabling ranges are updated regularly to meet and exceed existing performance standards this challenging industry sets out.

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DataGuard EventSeries SureLAN SureLIGHT FireFighter Armada