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The importance of LSZH Performance

During a fire, a halogen-containing plastic material such as Polyethylene (PE) or Polyvinylchloride (PVC) releases hydrogen chloride, a poisonous gas that forms hydrochloric acid when it comes in contact with water. This is extremely dangerous in areas where public safety and equipment damage is to be avoided.The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) is a standards organisation that have developed tests that anything classed as ‘low smoke zero halogen’ must adhere to.Our FireFighter™ cables have been manufactured to these exact standards which reduce the amount of toxic and corrosive gas emitted during combustion.

  • IEC60332-1 flame test for single cables
  • IEC60332-3 flame test for bunched cables
  • IEC61034 low smoke generation
  • IEC60754-1 negligible halogen gas generation
  • IEC60092 for Offshore Applications.

IEC Single & Large Scale Flame Tests

IEC 60332-1-2 / EN 60332-1-2 / VG 95218-2 Method 1 / BS 4066 Part 1

Test set-up :  The single cable to be tested is fixed vertically and exposed to a Bunsen  IEC60332-12
burner flame at a 45° angle to the vertical.
Test apparatus according to IEC/EN 60332-1-1.
Flame temperature : Determined by the specified setting of the Bunsen burner flame.
Test duration :  Cable with a diameter of ≤ 25 mm: 60 sec
Cable with a diameter of 25<D≤50mm:120sec
Compliance criteria :  The fire damage must end at least 50 mm below the upper fixing clamp.
The cable must be self-extinguishing.
IEC 60332-3/EN 50266-2
Test set-up : The cables are fixed to a ladder, close together or at a
distance depending on the type of fire. The cables may
be fixed in several layers.
Flame temperature :  Determined by the specified volume of propane and air.
Test duration :  Part 21: Category A F/R only for special applications
Part 22: Category A (7 l flammable material/m): 40 min
Part23:CategoryB(3.5lflammablematerial/m): 40 min
Part24:CategoryC(1.5lflammablematerial/m): 20 min
Part 25: Category D (0.5 l flammable material/m): 20 min
Compliance criteria : Fire damage to the cable may be visible for a maximum
of 2.5 m from the bottom of the burner to the top.

IEC Determination of halogen acid gas and acidity of gases

IEC 60754-1 / EN 50267-2-1 / VDE 0482-261-2-1 / NF C32-074-21
Test set-up : A sample of between 0.5g and 1.0g is heated in a
tube. The resulting gases are dissolved and tested
for their halogen content. Test apparatues acc. to EN 50267-1
Flame temperature : 800 ± 80 ˚C
Test duration :  40 ± 5 minutes in total, with at least 20 minutes
at the maximum temperature
Compliance criteria : The amount of halogen acid is expressed as mg of
hydrochloric acid per gram mass sample
Scope :  For compounds or materials described as “zero-halogen”
and all materials containing less than 5mg/g
halogen acid equivalent, it is recommended to use
the method specified in IEC 60794-2 / EN 50267-2-2.
IEC 60754-2 / EN 50267-2-2 / VDE 0482-261-2-2 / NF C32-074-22
Test set-up :  A sample of 1g of all non-metallic cable components
is burnt in a furnace. The pH value and the conductivity
of the combustion gases dissolved in water are
measured. Test apparatus acc. to EN 50267-1
Flame temperature : At least 935˚C
Test duration :  30 minutes
Compliance criteria :  The pH value and the conductivity must be
measured. Recommendation : The pH value of the
washing water must be at least 4.3, the conductivity
of the washing water must be at most 10µs/mm.
The criteria are valid for one non-metallic component
of a cable

IEC Measurement of smoke density under defined conditions

IEC 61034-2 / EN 61034-2 / VDE 0482-1034-2 / NF C32-073-2
Test set-up :  A cable specimen is burnt in a closed chamber using
flammable liquid. The light transmittance of the
resulting smoke is measured optically.
Test apparatus acc. to IEC / EN 61034-1
Flame temperature :  Determined by the quantity and composition of the fuel.
Test duration :  40 minutes
Compliance criteria : The smoke must transmit the light at the end of the test’s
duration, as stated in the individual specifications. The
recommendation of light transmission is 60% minimum.
Meeting all of the relevant fire performance standards, FireFighter™ is the natural choice for data cable FireFighter_Dynamics
within public and commercial buildings e.g.
• Hospitals
• Airports
• Shopping centres
• Transport terminals
• Entertainment arenas
• Stadiums
• Public buildings
FFCi Cables are modified versions of our standard FireFighter™ range where circuit integrity is a necessity
in the event of a fire
FFxT Cables are modified versions of our standard FireFighter™ cables for harsh environments –
Lower/Higher temperatures or greater resistance to oil.